Is it free to post ads?


Do I need to create an account to post ads?

Yes. You need to create an account.
It is totally FREE.

How to publish an ad? VIDEO

How many ads can I post?

- You can post 1 ad.
- However, you can always go ahead and buy an additional limit(s) to run additional ads.
- The limit of ads and the limit of days can be changed without prior notice, such change(s) will only take effect with respect to any subsequent renewal of your subscription.

How long will my ad / ads stay active?

Your ad will be active 360 days from the publication date. (the ad limit can be changed in time).

Shared link in ad

The link to your website will be accepted only for one advertisement.

Is it free to renew all my ads?


If I delete my current ad, can I post another ad?

- No. Free Limits and Paid Limits are both on the basis of Ads 'posted' and not 'active' Ads.

Why isn't my ad/ads live?

Ad not processed / pending: Before being published on the platform, all ads go through a verification.

Why aren't my published ads in the dashboard account?

The ad review process begins as soon as you finish creating your ad and submitting it for publication.
Generally, most ads are reviewed within minutes or up to 24 hours, although in some cases it may take longer.
If your ad is approved, you can view it in your account.

How do I know that my ads have been approved?

After your ads is reviewed, you’ll receive a notification.

How to publish more ads?

If you' want to publish more, you can purchase one of our packages.
Payment is one time, we do not have recurring payments.

Can I have Ads published in two or more cities?


Expiring Ads

A few days before your ad expires, you will receive an email notification with the option to renew it.

After an ad has expired

Once an ad has expired, it will no longer be visible.
The ad will be removed completely from the site.
The option to repost already expired ads is not currently available.

My package expired.

Once the package has expired, you have the option to choose paid package again and post new ads.

My ads after the expiration of the package.

Your ads do not expire. They are active for more than 180 days from the date of publication. You will see it in your control panel.

Change of package.

If you already have an active package and decide to change the package to publish more ads, keep in mind that the limit period does not change, it only allows you to publish more ads.

Can I create more accounts?

NO. Your accounts will be rejected. You must use a single account to post ads.

Rejection Reason - Duplicates

To ensure the good quality of the content on our platform for both users and visitors, we do not allow the publication of duplicate ads.
For your better understanding, let us define Duplicate Post for you:
1) An exact copy of the same ad already exists on the site / same ad
2) The description or title of the ad matches another live ad.
3) The same profile is published using different accounts.
4) creating an account with one phone number and posting an ad with another phone number will be rejected and the account will be blocked.

I can't log in to my account.

Here are some common reasons why people cannot log in to the account.

If you have posted an ad on the website without creating an account, you should go to your published ad. In the "Ad management" section you will find the options "Edit ad". Click on "Edit ad".

Therefore, if your ad was published without an account, you will only be asked for a password.

If your ad was published with an account, it will ask for email address and password:

If you cannot log in with your password, click on "Forgot your password?" You will be asked for an email address.

Updated 12/03/2022

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